What in the world is
“Emotional Aromatherapy”?


The juicy answer to that question is in the video above.

But here’s the over-simplified version:
Emotional aromatherapy is the use of (high-quality) essential oils and their aromatic compounds to interact with the personal and emotional centers of the brain (the limbic and olfactory systems, primarily), allowing you to stimulate, calm, or even choose new ways of thinking, feeling, or responding. Yay, neuroscience!

They’ve been found to:

  • Increase trust, even between strangers
  • Calm and deactivate stress and knee-jerk responses
  • Increase feelings of worthiness, self-love, and self-acceptance
  • Help you establish and maintain healthy boundaries (and say no comfortably)
  • Stimulate creativity, abundant thinking, and energy
  • Rewire limiting Belief Systems (aka “BS”)
  • Soften personality traits and increase personal growth

(If you skipped the video, mosey back up there to understand the “how”.)

Basically, they help you change the way you perceive and react to the people or situations in your life. Or in a nutshell, they calm your cray.

(Or someone else’s cray. Just sayin’. #sneakattack #exorciststyle #itsnotyouitsthem)

“So, how do you actually use ‘em for this kinda stuff?”
The choice is yours, boss lady!

Diffuse ‘em – Oil diffusers allow you to surround yourself (and everyone else, for that matter) with aromatic compounds, setting the mood for the day
Wear ‘em – Dab a few diluted drops on your energy centers, pulse points, or other areas of the body to stimulate your mind and body (and smell amazeballs, I might add).
Then let’s get creative – I’ve got plenty of practices and strategies (and a few cautionary tales) to share as you get started. (Because practical – and personalized – is my jam.)

“Which oils do you recommend?”

This is a two-pronged question with a two-pronged answer.

First, it’s about brand and quality.

Second, it’s about the right oils for your specific needs.


I personally love, trust, and exclusively recommend doTERRA Essential Oils because of my own extensive research and experience with oils (19 years and counting!). 

Here’s what they do differently:
  • Start with indigenous plants or biologically appropriate regions and conditions. This ensures the healthiest, happiest plant from the start!
  • Create exclusive partnerships with communities and farmers where they can also make a positive impact.
  • Offer resources and education to help those farmers create flourishing and sustainable crops of the highest-quality that meet their extremely rigid standards for purity and potency.
  • Grow every plant without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides. (Note: not every region offers organic certification, but all oils meet or exceed organic standards.)
  • Use precise and specific growing and/or harvesting methods for each plant. (Did ya know some plants should be harvested before sunrise, or right after it rains to ensure the best oil?)
  • And most importantly – they repeatedly perform 11 individual 3rd-party quality control tests to verify no improper plant parts, contaminants, or adulterants are found, and that only the exact balance of compounds and purest oil is being offered.

All of this has created the highest quality oil in the world, and creating the most consistent results – which is why more hospitals and researchers partner with dōTERRA than any other company.

And this is just their oils! I’ve barely scraped the surface of their impeccable integrity, company culture and values, or commitment to social and environmental work or sustainability here in the US and around the world. You can read more about my schoolgirl crush on them here.


Literally every single oil has a emotional uses (as well as addressing other health or lifestyle needs). So instead of just sending you down a long rabbit hole of options (which you’re welcome to do here), I want to share my 3 favorite starting points, which can be personalized to your needs or budget.

They’re my top 3 for a reason. Get ready to:

  • Gain natural energy (and replace that 3pm coffee break).
  • Find the focus, clarity, and motivation to stop procrastinating and get sh*t done.
  • Step up your self-care, sleep like baby (the kind that actually sleep), and nurture your body and mind.
  • Love and approve yourself, and feel damn good in your own skin.
  • And overcome your fav forms of self-sabotage, so you can feel (and act) like the confident, badass business woman you are.
  • Uplevel your mindset game and radically rewrite your limiting beliefs faster than you thought possible.

Since incorporating the oils into my day, I’ve noticed I’m actually really excited to wake up and run into my office and get stuff done! That was not the case before. I feel so much more productive in my biz – and I am a chronic procrastinator so that’s a huge deal for me. 



I've been a homeopath for 20 years, and must say I'm impressed. I started with the emotional blends and have had some amazing things happen that I can only put down to the oils, including such clear ideas and emotional shifts for myself and/or my husband. I doubted I would see the profound results others have talked about, but it's really happening! Tara is also so available and attentive. The quality of customer care is amazing. The community is great too; lots of support and great ideas. If you're on the fence, I think you just have to take a leap of faith!



I used to feel very low and it was easy to get angry. There were days when I wouldn’t leave my bedroom. Since using oils, my mood swings have lessened. Now, without my alarm, I get up, get dressed, and face the day with high spirits. Even when I’m by myself, I'm happy and more relaxed with less negative thoughts.



Knowing that I have these tools to hand whenever I need them has changed my life. I feel totally empowered instead of helpless. I have a much better handle on my emotions now, thanks to my oils.



I struggle with a lot of anxiousness. Oils have helped me feel more calm, clear my mind, and get better sleep. And I love how versatile they are! I can use topically, diffuse them, or make blends. I use them to help my mind and body heal, and to clean my house too!



I purchased the Diamond Kit and I’m so glad I did. It’s so nice to have everything I need to make every possible blend. My home smells amazing and inviting, and I’ve noticed such a difference emotionally.



I wish I even had words for the impact oils have had on my emotional health. Honestly, the thought of going through my life without this support just about brings me to tears. Emotions from trauma are no joke, and adding oils to my daily routine has taken my healing to new levels.



I was nervous that I wouldn’t actually use the oils. For all I knew, the package was going to stay in the back of my closet gathering dust. But since ordering my kit, I’ve been able to help my kids get to sleep faster (and they seem to sleep better), and I’ve been waking up earlier and feeling more rested myself, which allows me to handle things in a less anxious way during the day.



Sniff, Sniff, Affirm

My Top 10 Oils + Affirmations for Self-Employed Women

Want help adopting a boss lady mindset? Download my free guide and learn how to use my top 10 essential oils with their own powerful affirmations to find more confidence, courage, or balance in your life and biz.

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